A Catwalk Down Memory Lane


In mid September, I had the amazing opportunity to volunteer at New York Fashion Week. At my school, I’m a member of the Fashion Industry Association, and when they offered this to me, I was so ecstatic! The first day I worked as a social media representative. Basically my job was to take awesome pictures and post them to Twitter and Instagram. I was able to get a front row seat at the Fashion Gallery! Some of my favorite looks were from the line Apollonius by the Norwegian designer Emma Liljedahl. Her main inspiration was urban landscape and streetwear. Liljedahl utilized extra long sleeves to achieve this unique look. Check out her website here!



The next designer, Nina Agerup, is a Norwegian artist and fashion designer. Agerup featured her Spring/Summer 2016 collection at The Fashion Gallery this year. She gives contemporary a whole new meaning with these unique pieces from the collection Mind Divided. Her focus is “high quality and making everyone who wears the clothes feel unique.” Fine her website here!


Next up, Australian designer Felicity Brown showcased her amazing collection of hats at The Fashion Gallery. She introduced “Colours of the Outback” which included distinctive designs. Each and every one of these hats were so unique, I couldn’t pick a favorite! See more looks on her blog, and make sure to check out her website!


For the second day, the event was held at the Affinia Manhattan. I worked backstage as a dresser. I was assigned to two different designers to help them hang up all of the pieces as well as help the models with quick changes.  The first designer I worked with was Adriana Carolina. She is an independent fashion designer from Puerto Rico. Her contemporary pieces were to DIE FOR. I would wear every single look from this collection. Check out her website!



Last but not least, Guatemalan designer Ericka Castañeda showcased her line, Casvi at The Affinia Manhattan. She incorporated active wear into unique looks. Castañeda is all about making her clients feel beautiful. She even used these sweet little models to help showcase her line! They were so fierce for being so young! Check out her website here!


Follow these designers on Instagram!

Emma Liljedahl | @apolloniusclothing

Nina Agerup | @ninaagerup

Felicity Brown | @hatsbyfelicity

Adriana Carolina | @adriana_carolina_clothing

Ericka Castañeda | @casvi_design



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