Academia Chic




IMG_6015.JPGHey guys, I am excited to share this outfit with you all. I wore a basic black long sleeve crop top that I bought a while back from Urban Outfitters, along with my new skirt from Old Navy. I slipped on my favorite booties and I took a pair of knee high socks from Tobi and just bunched them down. For the final touch, I added this cardigan that I actually made. In my fashion course at school, we got placed into groups and the objective was to create a company and product. We had to create these items to sell at my school’s annual pop-up shop. All of the proceeds went to the great organization, Chemo Clothes. My group came up with The Wishbone Company as our name. I was placed on the Production team, so I was in charge of making the products. Our creation is called “The City Cape.” I think this was a great choice to produce because it is one size fits most, so we did not have to worry about sizing! It can also be worn six different ways so it’s very versatile. You can can check out Chemo Clothes’ website here! If interested in purchasing one of the City Capes, please contact me! As for my lip color, I first lined my lips with Urban Decay’s 24/7 Velvet Eye Pencil in Dark Eggplant and topped it off with Tre Stique’s Matte Lip Crayon in a bright red shade.

What’s on my nails?
Makeup Used:
 Cardigan (I made it myself! Follow my company’s Instagram!)

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