Earn Your Stripes

Welcome back and Happy Memorial Day everyone! People may think today is only about super sales, picnics, and drinking, but we tend to forget that today we should remember the fallen soldiers who died serving our country. I wanted to show my respect and rock some stripes to represent Memorial Day!

My wide leg pants are from Abercrombie, and I am so obsessed with them. I wanted to balance the loose fit of the pants, so I wore a tight off the shoulder crop top. My new wedges from Necessary Clothing completed the look. I tied a neck scarf from also from Necessary Clothing around the handle of my nude structured purse for added flare. I find myself clicking away on their website a ton lately! My favorite aviators are from H&M.

In other news, I am happy to announce that I will continue to write for College Fashionista this summer! I am super excited for what the future has in store for me in the next few months.

I hope you loved this look and got some inspiration from it! Enjoy the long weekend, but make sure you do not forget what the holiday is really about.




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