Color Me Blue

Hey guys, thanks for returning and if you’re a new reader, welcome to my blog! This look is everyyyyything… so let’s get started.

I recently went to see Grimes and long story short, it was the best concert experience ever. While I was there, I picked up her Visions t-shirt. Not only did Grimes produce this whole album on Garage Band in only three weeks, but she designed the artwork herself. Not surprised considering she is soo talented.

I paired the concert tee with my distressed jeans from H&M. These jeans are seriously the best $20 I have ever spent. I was feeling some Western vibes with this look, so I went with a large buckled belt and some fringe booties. Since the look was all cool tones, I wore a baby blue bandana as a head band. My sunnies are from Necessary Clothing, and my statement ring is from a thrift store out in Pittsburgh.

I kept a neutral eye look, but I decided on this fabulous navy blue liquid lipstick by Jeffree Star called Abused.

That’s all for todays look, I hope you guys enjoyed this post and happy summa!DSC_0488DSC_0466DSC_0550DSC_0436DSC_0669DSC_0430DSC_0642DSC_0583DSC_0422DSC_0584DSC_0611DSC_0689


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