¡Hola México!


It’s been a couple weeks since I have returned home to the United States. All of these shootings and celebrity drama are really dragging my mood. I guess I have a case of post-vacation blues. My destination was Riviera Maya, Mexico. There was just something so calming and reassuring about sitting underneath a palm tree with my eyes closed. My thoughts were simple; the breeze was gentle… I would do anything to go back.

I started every morning very early by having breakfast in front of the ocean. Then I laid on the beach for several hours. One day I went snorkeling, another spent jet skiing. UGH! I am seriously getting upset thinking about it.

My sisters and I spent a whole day exploring Mexico. We journeyed to the ancient Mayan ruins in Tulum, went swimming in the sacred Cenote caves, and walked through a bat cave. I never do crazy stuff like that, but it was honestly some of the best adventures I have ever experienced.  I know I will be returning soon.

I wanted to take advantage of my week off of work and stay off of my phone as much as I could, and I am so happy I did. Don’t forget to log off for a few hours a day and start enjoying yourself! Thanks for reading!


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