NYC For a Day

Hey guys! I started my sophomore year of college this week. I’M OLD. But I am excited to see what this semester brings me!

A few weeks ago, I attended an exclusive career workshop hosted by College Fashionista with HENRI BENDEL… yes I said Henri Bendel. I got to hear tons of advice to help get my foot in the door of fashion. The speakers included Angela Cuneo of PureWow, Erika Harwood of MTV Style, Pina Ferlisi of Henri Bendel, and the founder of CF herself, Amy Levin.

I also finally got to meet a bunch of my fellow style gurus in real life! #fangirling Of course I had to take advantage of the 20% off we received and I treated myself to a gorgeous periwinkle wallet. I can’t thank College Fashionista enough for always giving me the best opportunities ever.

As for my outfit, I took a basic striped t-shirt and put on a black slip dress over it. I went with my trusty black booties because I knew I would be hiking around the city all day and wanted something that has comfort. For a pop of color, I used a red bandana as a neck scarf!

I also made a super cute collage of footage we got after we accidentally missed our bus (still werking on that public transportation method…) Check it out on my Instagram!

Have you been reading my posts on College Fashionista? Check mine out here! I can’t wait to scout and write about fall trends!


Photography by Layne Miller




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