Whooooa. Hello there, stranger! I have not been blogging for months, but I assure you that I am back and better than ever. Just in the next few weeks, I have some exciting posts coming up including new collaborations and even a few giveaways! (Make sure you are following me on Instagram for them!)

Just a quick recap of the past few weeks:

I have had some exciting campaigns with amazing brands such as Clinique, Armani Exchange, Vitamin Water, and even VS PINK which is what this entire post will be showcasing! They sent me alllll the way out to California.
Yup- you read that right. California, the shining Golden State. Being that I never traveled alone, or have never even been to Cali, this was a huge milestone for me.  And the fact that VS PINK, a such well established brand, was flying me out to Palm Springs made it even more surreal.

You may be thinking; “Samm, how the hell did you manage that one?” Well my friends over at College Fashionista are just that cool. (THANK YOU GUYS AGAIN) I got to meet 13 others from all around the country. We only had one thing in common going onto this trip: we were just your average college gals who worked really passionately along side CF. By the end of the trip, I realized that these 13 other girls were simply the same exact person as me, just in 13 different bodies. It was refreshing to be surrounded by people within my discourse community of bloggers/influencers.

When I arrived at LAX, I was greeted by the cutest PINK Camp Rep! She showed me to the bus that took me to meet up with all of the other PINK NATION guests. It was so fun seeing all of my internet friends IRL. Then we hopped onto the massive PINK bus! Goodie bags in hand, we were ready to start our road trip to the mystery destination. We stopped to visit the Cabazon Dinosaurs and since the Kardashian’s have been there, I was sort of kind of freaking out. Probably about 4 hours later…LA traffic is indeed a real thing… we finally arrived at The V Hotel in Palm Springs!

The hotel was designated just for the PINK NATION gals! My room was set up with tons of goodies. I’m talking bra, undies, water bottle, t-shirt, leggings, hat, a $100 gift card, socks, lotions and perfumes of all kind and MORE. My roommate Norah and I couldn’t be more excited.

We got to go ATV riding, visit the famous pink door, have a pool party with PINK model Grace Elizabeth, and even have a scavenger hunt in downtown Palm Springs!!! This was such a short trip, jam packed with super fun activities. To this day, I still think about this trip and I wish I could go back.

I hope you all enjoyed reading this post and seeing these photos! It’s amazing when you set goals for yourself and work really hard until you achieve them. Really anything is possible! I can’t wait to get back into the groove of blogging and I am super excited for what’s to come.

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