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Hey everyone! I hope the New Year is finding you well. After being bombarded with finals, I finally finished off my first semester of college! PHEW. It was kind of bittersweet, though. Break has been awesome, but I am ready to get back to start my new semester of school and to start posting more! In other news, I obtained an internship with CollegeFashionista! I am super excited to start blogging for them.

This weather has been crazy right?! Just think; if it was a little bit colder all this rain would be snow! I like the rain though…so I can show off my adorable Hunter rain boots. They keep my feet and legs warm and they pretty much go with everything. These boots reminded me of this playground and I thought it was the cutest place to wear them. I used my favorite knee high socks underneath to keep me warm as well.

I love this sweater dress from T.J. Maxx, too! It’s a simple, yet classic piece to have in your wardrobe. (I have one in black too) I also have this turtleneck in black, which I featured in my That 70’s Look post. Turtlenecks are super trendy and you can layer them up when it starts getting more cold. And my super adorable bubble umbrella from Target brings the whole entire look together. TargetStyle actually reached to me and wants to feature one of my photos of a future blog post on their social media! I am so blessed to have these amazing opportunities.



Anyways, I never do my hair when it’s raining out, cause what’s the point? For my makeup, I just kept it simple with my everyday look. I’m also sporting an eggplant colored gel on my nails.

Thanks for reading. Make sure you enter your email at the bottom of my homepage to be updated when I post something new! Also, check out CollegeFashionista for my next post!

 Photography by the talented Layne Miller and Joseph Synoski | @layne_miller & @joeyikes

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